SSL-Style Masturbation Manifesta

Uh, what? I almost forgot to celebrate National Masturbation Month on this blog. I mean it's the 31st of May today, so I just made it in under the line, but I feel a little bad for not making a bigger deal of such a potentially exciting celebratory opportunity. I guess I was preoccupied with International Clitoris Awareness Week early in the month, but it's really no excuse. I have previously declared myself a mutual masturbation advocate, and that's basically being a regular ol' masturbation advocate, but with 2 (or more) times the love. So, I really should have been on this Masturbation Month thing better.

So I thought I'd lay down my SSL-style Masturbation Belief Statement :

I believe one must explore orgasmic masturbation in order to clearly understand the physical necessities of arousal and orgasm while with a partner and to achieve consistency and control of orgasm while with a partner.

Given that vaginal intercourse naturally stimulates the male organ of sexual pleasure (the penis) but not the female organ of sexual pleasure (the clitoris), I believe females must incorporate their personal style of masturbation into intercourse in order to achieve consistent orgasms during the act.*

I believe females are disproportionally harmed by the stigmas and social norms that discourage masturbation.

I believe masturbation is an evolving, sometimes complicated, sexual relationship with one's self. As with any relationship, I believe open communication, exploration, and thoughtful consideration contribute to a more fulfilling and positive experience throughout the years.
I believe Mutual Masturbation should be culturally encouraged as a safe, normal, and most importantly hot sexual act that is as satisfying and as socially valued as intercourse.

As you might have gathered from this blog (and from my movie if it was out already and you'd seen it), I consider female masturbation - doing it, admitting to your friends that you do it, publicly acknowledging it - revolutionary acts. I think female masturbation is a key ingredient in the Orgasm Equality Movement. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for male masturbation also. It's just not as radical.

Anyway, I think masturbation deserves more time on this blog. Plus I've come across some great things on the web while looking around about National Masturbation Month, and I'd like to share them with you all.

So for the sake of this blog, June -not May- is now National Masturbation Month. Get at it, ya'll!

*Go HERE if you want to get a better idea of what I mean when I talk about intercourse alone not being good enough for consistent orgasm.

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