Female Masturbation? Graphs? Yes!

How about some fun female masturbation graphs (time vs. just horny to orgasm level)?! I say yes. You may have seen one or more of these floating around the internet in the past, but you may not have seen the original post or all of them. As you know, I like to call myself a masturbation advocate, and I love it when women unabashedly admit to masturbating, so I love these graphs. Plus, on top of it all, some of them are pretty right on. I mean an orgasm is an orgasm - it's the rhythmic release of muscle tension and blood congestion, but they can all seem just a little different in how you get there, who long it lasts, how intense it feels, how you're feeling at the time.

I particularly like the bad porn one, the drunk one and the vibrator 4 the first time one. The original artist has a bit of an obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch. He is Sherlock in the UK Sherlock Holmes (which I actually think is a pretty good show). Now, ol' Benedict is not my cup of meat, if ya know what I mean, but hey, to each her own. The "Anderson" graph is related to Sherlock Holmes too. Anderson is another character in that show that hates Sherlock (just so you know, I had to look that up.) She also seems to like Dr. Who. Now I realize all nerdy women are supposed to like Dr. Who, but I don't, so I can't speak to that particular graph, nor can I speak to the Fan Fiction graph because I don't read the stuff - no particular reason, I just don't.
*(An additional comment on the Doctor Who Graph: Charlie thinks it would make more sense if we could see it in 3 Dimensions. I'll take his word on it.)

Anyway, enjoy.

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