My Mom Is Supportive of My Female Orgasm Doc, and I'm Lucky to Have Her!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so I thought this would be a good time to let all my readers know what a kick ass mom I have. (She wouldn't have approved of me saying that 20 years ago, but she's not too worried about my cursing these days.)

 It's not just that my mom believes in me and isn't ashamed that her daughter is making a documentary about female sexuality...or that she brought food and pretty table clothes to the big SSL cast costuming event where she and her sister, my fantastic aunt Faf, helped me figure out how to costume the era stuff...or that she also brought food to one of our big shoots...or that she and my dad showed up to be extras in the 70's era scene depicting a 'porn conference that never was'...or that she watched my nephews while my sister and brother-in-law were acting for us...or that she walked around our cast party amiably wearing the ice-breaker name-tag that included the definition of clitoris.

It's so much more than that. It's as big as the time and energy she put into me and my sister. It's as small as the itty bitty beak glued to the little yellow cotton ball from some long ago school art project sitting in an egg that she puts out every Easter for me to kiss. I know you're not in love with computers, mom, but if you happen to read this, please remember everyday how proud I am of you and how lucky I feel.

To my sister, my sister-in-laws, my aunts, my cousins, our cast members and friends out there raising children...as Tupac says, "Keep Ya Head Up," cause that shit ain't easy, but it is crazy important, and all my love goes out to you this weekend and always.

Happy Mothers Day!

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