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If you missed the first installment of LIKDIT! (Ladies I Know Doing Interesting Things), then check it out HERE. It includes a little background about what this series is all about. I'd like to point out, that almost every woman in my life (that I like) is doing something that I find courageous, or difficult, or adventurous, or truly kind. I think any interesting person dabbles in this kind of stuff from time to time. The LIKDIT! gals are just some of the extraordinary women in my life. They just happen to be doing something outside of their work or family life that is a bit more public - with a creative or philanthropic edge.

Made in France Postcard
So...Sarah Aaron is this installment's LIKDIT! You can see her above all dressed up as a 1940's mother for her role in Science, Sex and the Ladies. I decided to use this one because I just think she looks so damn lovely in this picture. Sarah has created a collection called The Museum of Love and Marriage. She has a blog (check it HERE) where she posts pictures of the items and gives a little background or thoughts about them.  It's just really neat unique stuff that she has acquired from all kinds of places over the years. She has beautiful old marriage certificates, pictures of couples and weddings, super old valentines, and a huge variety of love related items. I always love what she posts, and I've also been at the place that holds all these items. It's actually pretty amazing; a lovely experience to see these things. If she's not updating the blog, you can find her on the Museum of Love and Marriage Pinterest site HERE.

She's also an artist herself and makes the crazy coolest folk art I've seen. I asked her to make some "paper dolls" for a scene in our movie because I knew that whatever she created, I would love, and I was not disappointing. (I won't even mention the giant paper mache pterodactyl she made for the movie.)
Part of her contribution to Science Sex and the Ladies
 Now I'll let her tell you about the Museum of Love and Marriage: "It started years ago....15 maybe 20 years ago. I'd been thinking about love. It was one of those eras of my life. I loved everything sentimental and romantic. It occurred to me then that so many of the objects and stories that mark our lives with love, end up in dusty drawers or stowed in shoe boxes under the bed....their stories lost to the ages.  Military museums elaborate about every weapon and bullet used to fight a war. Yet, love goes on about it's business. I was talking to my sister-in-law, Linda McKibben Johnson, one day and I mentioned this observation. I added that there should be a museum for these artifacts of love. Linda says "Stay right there." She got up, went to her bedroom and came back with a beautiful, white lacy blouse. She dropped the blouse into my lap and said "Get it started!" I was dumbfounded... "Me?" I thought. She explained that the handmade lace blouse was a wedding blouse from Cuba and had belonged to a dear friend of hers - John Ledbetter- who had passed away. His wife was from Cuba and had worn the blouse during their wedding. She died at a young age. They never had any children and John wanted the blouse to be cared for.  She liked my idea for a museum and so with that blouse, I began the Museum of Love and Marriage. Before you load up the kids and head out to see this magical place...read on. Right now, the museum is pretty much in boxes. The very thing I was working to change. I have been working to get a datebook featuring many of these items published and that is still my dream." 

early 1900's marriage certificate

celebrating 50 years of marriage

Brett Favre wishes you a Happy Valentines (don't look at the picture he added on the back;)

Western love

tea cup and saucer found at a flea market in North Carolina

A Valentine to a lucky niece or nephew

Sonny and Cher!

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