HUNG Schmung

I do love my HBO series Six Feet Under, True Blood, Sex and the City - awesome soap operas with lots of sex and nudity. However, I just can't get behind the HBO series HUNG. (full disclosure - I haven't seen the last few episodes cause I got rid on my evil Comcast, but I believe my sentiments are still relevant). Outside of the fact that I find the main character whiney and boring...well, maybe I'm being too hard. I hate one aspect of this show and that usually colors my enjoyment of all other parts so I'll stop making random harsh criticisms.
I will only criticize the very premise of this show. That is...that because this guy has a large penis it is going to make him exceptional at pleasing women through intercourse - so exceptional in fact that he and a former lover begin a service where women pay to have intercourse with him. I criticize because I have spent years researching a movie that specifically points out that a larger penis will not make a woman orgasm any more than a tiny penis will.

Penises don't make women orgasm - clitoral stimulation makes women orgasm.
I won't go into all the info that backs up my statement. You can check that out in our movie. However, I bring this show and its stupid premise up to make a point. Although many people would maybe agree with the statement above if asked about it, there is enough misinformation and wishy-washiness in our culture about how women actually orgasm, that a show like HUNG is accepted without question. When a woman is depicted orgasming in our media, the cause of that orgasm is overwhelmingly intercourse. That is true in shows like HUNG, mainstream movies and TV, and in mostly women written shows like Sex and the City - (I still like it though - in fact I got hooked on it researching for this movie. Detailed list of all the verbal or visual references to female sexual response in the whole Sex and the City series, anyone?).

Just for fun, start taking note of what is physically happening to a women when she orgasms in a movie, T.V. show, ad, porn, erotica, or in a book you're reading.

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