This week was eventful - messing with costumes, driving a big truck, seeing old friends, playing with industrial machinery and listening to a marching band at the Indianapolis Library.

**Mondy and Tuesday we inventoried all the costumes and created the shopping list for what we still need and alterations that need to be made. We have a bit over half the costumes figured out, but they are the hardest half, so the rest is cake.

**Wednesday, Barnaby and Charlie went and moved a scissor lift from Central Cabinet to the warehouse where we will be shooting most of the movie. Thanks to Central Cabinet for that. The ceilings at the warehouse are filled with strong beams that we can hang lights, sets and anything else from. The scissor lift will give us the ability to get up to the ceilings easily and without killing ourselves. That means set creating can begin and that we won't die in the process.

They borrowed a big truck for this - which Barnaby enjoyed driving, and they also picked up some flats that we were able to very cheaply rent for the next three months.

During their joyride in the Budget truck, they passed the home that is being remodeled for Extreme Home Makeover and got some distant pics of it.

**Friday Barnaby and Charlie met with one of our Chicago cast members to rehearse and discuss. He was in town because his alter ego, Lord of the Yum-Yum, had a show at the Indianapolis Downtown Library that night. Trisha joined everyone after work, and went to check out the fun free library show. Lord of the Yum-Yum put on awesome wild show as always. check him out here http://www.lordoftheyumyum.com/Then we stayed to hear Mucca Pazza http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mucca_Pazza play. Glad we stayed because they were fun as hell - a funky chaotic marching band in old marching band outfits.

**Saturday we scheduled our first shoot. That's right, shooting officially begins on April 19th. We have a full tentative schedule, but we are still moving things around and testing set designs, so for now, we'll be sending out shoot schedules 3 weeks in advance (although this 1st shoot was scheduled only 2 weeks in advance). We are pretty excited to be moving forward. The weeks ahead will be pretty busy...

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