Science, Sex and The Ladies at Alternet and Salon.com!

I'm not making excuses (I actually am making excuses), but I haven't posted the last couple days because I got home from my 3 months of day-job science business in Brazil on Saturday (no more Brazilian breakfast buffets and living in a hotel, no!!!), and I had to pack up and move out of my house beginning immediately (movin' closer into the city!).

It's been a little insane the last couple days, and on top of all that, SSL got a kick-ass article at Alternet Saturday morning, and then it got picked up by Salon on Monday. Jill Hamilton wrote the article - you might know her from a blog called In Bed With Married Women. It's funny as shit. I would check it out if I were you. I can't thank her enough for seeing this crazy as doc, and wanting to write about on some established, motha fuckin' sites. I mean Salon and Alternet are kinda bigtime for this mom n' pops deal we got goin on here. It upped our Vimeo and IndieFlix views, well, a lot, and we got tons of emails about small screenings, and other fun shit. Point is, all that stuff made having to move in weather far colder than I am now accustomed, after almost no sleep during a 20 our travel period much, much more exciting that it would have been. But, seriously, my seat would not go back even slightly on the 8 hour flight from Sau Paulo to Miami, and that sucked. I never have trouble sleeping on planes...or in classes...or in cars...or standing up, but I couldn't sleep at all, and there were only like 6 movies available - I had only not seen Taken 3.

That was my Brazilian bathroom, complete with Portuguese flashcards on the mirror.  

There was some good comment threads on the Alternet one. I always have to get my hands in there. I can't have random nay-saying comments hanging out there that can easily be answered and talked about civilly. So, that took up some time too, but it was fun. I'll do a post on those comments soon. Someone told me they wished I'd just shut up - she was a bit fighty, that one. Now, that would normally make my stomach turn into knots, but it doesn't anymore. I think I've grown, my friends. I just try to be nice and honest, and usually people are back, but when they're not, no biggie. I leaned that I've gained that ability this weekend, so that's another good thing to have come of all this.

Back to work...Go check out the Alternet and the Salon posts. It'll be fun.

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