Motus Dance - LIKDIT!

 Well, my friends, it's time for a new installment of LIKDIT! In case you're new here, this is a slightly different-from-SSL-norm series I do, and it stands for "Ladies I Know Doing Interesting Things!" I pronounce it as "liked it!" and, quite importantly, I always say it in a way that one can clearly tell there's an exclamation point at the end.

Here's the lowdown. LIKDIT! women have to be people I know personally, not just any ol' gal I read about. Also, they have to be doing something sort of open to the pubic, something that is more than a job or a business, or some personal awesomeness. I gotta have rules. Otherwise, I would just have too many women in my life to include. No, it must be something more purely creative or philanthropic in nature, and she/they have to be putting themselves out there.

Which brings me to Ms. Heidi Keller Phillips and the women of Motus Dance. Motus debuted in 2003, and they've grown into a thriving little bright point of dance here in Indy over the last 10 years. I actually met Heidi around that time Motus began. She auditioned and got the part as "Woman" in a short we were doing called Embolism. So, I've kind of watched Motus grow up. Heidi was a core artist at the time, but she became the director a few years ago when the original director, a fine woman herself, went off to pursue other interests more full time.

They have classes, workshops, and a full schedule of shows throughout the year, which frankly, I love watching. Now, as I say in these LIKDIT!s often, I'm no expert or professional critic. I don't know nothin' about no dancin' or no dancers. I just like what I like. The dancers choreograph and create their events from the bottom up. The performances are unique, lovely, and sometimes pretty eery, plus the costume and music choices are always superb, and often unexpected. Oh - and in the past few years, they have really figured out how to create lovely lighting that compliments the pieces and enhances the whole experience. That is kinda big in my opinion because much like sound is often neglected in indie movies, from my perspective lighting often seems neglected in indie dance and performances. They're the whole package, folks.

So, here's to the ladies of Motus Dance! I thought this was a good time for their LIKDIT! because they are holding their yearly event, Pairing, in a couple weeks (The evening of June 8th to be exact). It's pretty cool - kinda like a relaxed gourmet dinner, but during each course you get to watch a dance piece inspired  by the wine you're being served. So you get wine, dance, fancy appetizers prepared by awesome local chefs, and lots of fab guests to mingle and get drunk on wine with. Go HERE for more info.

Also, check this Motus promotional piece. It's quite lovely if you ask me - and created by our own Charles Borowicz (one of our Science, Sex and the Ladies directors, as I'm sure you know).
Motus Dance Pairings Teaser from Charles Borowicz on Vimeo.

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