Random Hite Report 4

Hello there all, I know you want some more..what?...RANDOM HITE Report, ya'll! Seriously, though, it's been a while since I gave you a randomly flipped to page out of an ol' Orgasm Equality Movement must-read, The Hite Report. If you want more info on this 1976 book that allowed women to tell the world about their own orgasms, feelings and sexual experiences - in their own words, then please head HERE.
The following is from the chapter "Is Orgasm Important?"

Pg. 130 The Hite Report Dell. 1976.

    "Only physicians and clergymen tell women we should comfort and pleasure our husbands, and to 'stop chasing rainbows' when our turn comes around."
    "The idea that it doesn't matter if women have orgasms or not is an absurd lies women tell themselves."
    "I am entitled to orgasms. If I have to masturbate to get them, then my man should also have to masturbate for his and that does not mean masturbating in my vagina - i.e. intercourse when he's the only one who has orgasms."

Women are now under great pressure to perform by having orgasms, especially during intercourse.
    It does seem clear that women should have a right to orgasms during sex as part of the natural course of things. However, now that the idea has become popular that women should enjoy sex "too," this new "right" has sometimes turned into an oppression. Women are made to feel that they must have orgasms more to please the man than to please themselves.
     "It is only fair to him, and makes him feel 'as a man' and successful."
     "I 'perform' and boost his ego and confidence and love for me with an orgasm. I do not like to think of
myself as a performer, but I feel judged and also judge myself, when I don't have an orgasm."
     "There's this pressure there is something psychologically wrong with you if you don't have an orgasm"
     "Yes, alas, I still feel I must have an orgasm to make him feel, er, macho.
     "An orgasm is not necessary to make you 'normal' but men do expect it, so I often force myself, especially because he enjoys watching. Besides its better for him to feel a contracting vagina, but you can also do that at will if you practice"
    "Yes, I feel the need to perform orgasmically, competitively with other women at large in the community. I wish I didn't. It really got started when I used to feel pressure from my former partner, because if I didn't come, it proved he wasn't a 'real man' but I'm not a star or a two-ring circus."

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