Origami Condoms: Real Good For The Gents, Nice For The Ladies Too

A new type of condom?! Why yes actually.

I don't usually go into sexual health issues here, and in fact, this isn't completely about sexual health. It's about sexual pleasure, mostly. The deal is there is this new condom that moves against the skin differently than our tried and true old school condoms. You can watch the video below to see what I mean (FYI - it has a person jerking off dildos with each type of condom - so don't watch while your boss is looking over your shoulder - unless your boss is cool).

Clearly, for men this is going to be a better experience than the old way. In fact, I think this crazy condom seems like a pretty good masturbation accessory for men - which you just can't beat...or can beat (get it, beat...the meat). Anyway, I think it'll be nicer for women too, not because it will contribute more towards arousal and orgasm as it seems it would do for men, but because I think it will keep things moister down there, and as we all know - the wetter the better. I never really dislike condoms, but I would say my biggest complaint is that they tend to make the whole thing drier, and there's sometimes a touch of pulling at the ol' entrance that I would prefer to do without. I don't know exactly why that's the case, but I always assumed that the latex created a bit more friction than skin or that the latex somehow whisked out more of the lubrication into the air during thrusts or that when out in the air, the moisture on a condom was able to dry quicker than moisture on skin. I don't really know, but it certainly seems like the way the penis moves more inside this new condom, that there would be less friction and more of a seal during penetration to keep the moisture all doin' its job down there. So, I think that's pretty cool.

 If you're worried about how this might adversely affect female orgasm, then please don't. We ladies don't orgasm through stimulation of the vagina anyway, so no problems/change there (I explain that statement more HERE). I mean, if this new condom somehow kept hands or vibrators or mouths from touching our clits...now then we'd have a problem.

Like I said, I don't usually get into it here, but I think the sexual health importance is too awesome to go unnoticed. Condoms save lives, but a lot of men don't like to use condoms. Men often complain that they lessen the feeling, that they have a hard time keeping erections with condoms on, and that they hurt or pinch at times. Plus, a lot of people put them on wrong. Yeah, we could just say stop whining, and don't be dumb asses, but that's not working very well. Wouldn't it be better to just a have a condom that was super easy to put on and that men enjoyed using? This condom was recently praised on the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation blog, “Origami Condoms provides an excellent example of a private enterprise focused on new condom design to promote consistent use by emphasizing the sexual experience.” They, as do I, hope more innovative ideas are on the way.

Also, since this is the Science Sex and the Ladies Blog, I have to point out that a little more sexifying of non penetrative sex acts couldn't hurt either. If we can up the sexy status of masturbation, mutual masturbation and handies, we'd be avoiding a lot of disease, pregnancy and - bonus -  also doing things that can get us ladies off.

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