Merry Clitmas!!!!

Merry Clitmas, my dear SSL readers! I'll make this quick. You see, I had planned to get a new 'A Journal Article I Read' post up today, but I haven't quite gotten it finished, and I have a strong feeling that from now until after Christmas day, I won't have time to finish. So, you won't get to read a fun new summary of some journal article relating to female orgasm this Christmas Eve/Start of Hanukkah. To tide you over, though, if you really need to you can go read some of the old ones HERE.

For now, I just need to get a post up to keep up with with my blog posting schedule (one can't get in the habit of getting too far off schedule, now can one?). So, I thought I would just take this time to tell all of you that I am feeling the tiniest bit more renewed. I still have a lot of shit going on with the health of the ol' family, but I've gotten a bit more focused and gained the slightest touch more time to do what I am most passionate about -  policing the discussion, depictions, and scientific investigation of female orgasm. I've got lots more journal summaries up my sleeve, tons and tons more SSL Reviews, and plenty of writings about orgasm equality heroes doing the good work out in the world, and you will see them all in the coming year.

I want more than anything to continue making this blog a strange resource to help other people - sexperts, advice columnists, teachers, parents, researchers, and curious folks - to do their jobs and go about their lives with a more clear, realistic, evidence based understanding of the female orgasm. I hope very much that some random person out there finds my strange blog and pees their pants with excitement at seeing that I have already done some of the legwork of identifying TV shows that depict female orgasm for them to use in their doctoral thesis. I'd love if some internet sex adviser stumbles across SSL, reads the journal summaries, and adjusts their advice to reflect a more accurate understanding of what scientific investigation can and cannot tell us about lady-gasms. I'd especially freak if some young scientists reads this stuff and takes this perspective into their future scientific investigation of the physiology of orgasm. I have dreams, people - dreams of helping other people make the world better for ladies and our orgasms.

Anyway, enjoy whatever vacations or holidays you are enjoying this end of year. I do love you all.

Oh, and just to tease you a bit, here's the journal article you'll be reading about in a couple days

A woman's history of vaginal orgasm is discernible from her walk.
Nicholas A1, Brody S, de Sutter P, de Carufel F.
J Sex Med. 2008 Sep;5(9):2119-24.

Spoiler alert: Freud's grubby little hands still have a tight grip on the world of scientific investigation into female orgasm, and it's gross and stupid and annoying, but Merry Clitmas anyway!

Here's a picture for your enjoyment. 1) All three of my cats sleeping with me while I write is all I ever dream of really. 2) Tina is making it hard for my laptop to be on my lap 3) I think I'm wearing that hoodie in every pic I ever post here. I wear it a lot. 4) I'm wearing that hoodie now.

Ramona, Eds, and Tina, me (left to right). I am the one that's not a cat.

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