Random Male Hite Report #19

Hello, friends. It's time for another Random Hite Report! In 1976, Shere Hite dropped The Hite Report where she compiled detailed survey answers from over 3,000 women about sex, masturbation, orgasms, and relationships. It's insane to me how revolutionary this book still is. Read it, seriously. We really haven't changed that much in 40 years, and it's an incredibly insightful read.

Then in 1981, she dropped The Hite Report on Male Sexuality where over 7,000 men give detailed answers about sex, relationships, and women. It too is revolutionary, and the honesty, vulnerability, and detail in this book is so important and moving. I think everyone should read this too. So, I give you a taste every now and then to entice you to get these books. Seriously, they are both like 1 cent online.

Anyway, what I do is flip to one random page and copy the contents of that page, no more-no less, directly onto this blog. Enjoy.

 The Hite Report on Male Sexuality
Knopf, 1981 pg 441

The following page is in the section called 'Intercourse' in a chapter called Toward a New Idea of Intercourse, and in relation to the Survey question about which positions and movements these men prefer. This page is filled with men's answers from the 35% of men who prefer women on top during intercourse.

feelings better. If I'm on top, I'm constantly wondering if I'm doing what she wants, and worrying about it. When I'm below, she does virtually all the moving; I'm almost afraid to intrude on what she has going. I love it."
    "Having my partner on top lets her be more active, which i find sexually exciting, personally liberating, and politically important."
    "I prefer to be on bottom, for several reasons. For one thing, I come much faster when on top. There's some difference in the way things rub together. Also, when on top i feel like I'm crushing my partner (I'm a fairly large person, 6'2'' and 175 lbs.). I feel like I have to support part of my weight on my arms, which makes it harder to relax and enjoy things. Finally, the partner that I had sex with for the longest period of time liked to be on top, sitting up straddling me. I got to like being able to see her body and stroke her breasts while making love."
    "The best place fr the most satisfying motion for me is on the bottom. The position I like least is being on top; I'm always worried that my partner is being squished. My arms get tired too."
    "I prefer women to be on top because this gives her more control, so that she can orgasm if she wants to. Also this means less physical work for me so that I can be more mentally and emotionally responsive."
    "I like to lay on the bottom, and she lays on top and does the movement. I fantasize that I'm a woman and she's a man - really feel it's great. I like to feel as though she is entering me, that she has the penis and I the vagina. Part of it is maybe I feel a lifting of the responsibility for action - I can just lay there and dig it."
    "Lately I like to lie completely still with her on top of me doing all the moving, sort of like being raped by her."
    "During intercourse, I prefer to be on bottom so I can more comfortably free my hands for clitoral stimulation, or caress over my wife's body. Unfortunately, however, by the time we get around to it, we are usually both tired, and she prefers the female-inferior position, in which I find it difficult to do any adequate hand stimulation. Usually I do most of the moving, which I do not like because it seems like a one-sided affair, and I don't think she gets as much out of it. If I'm on bottom, she does most of the moving, and gets very involved and excited; I think it is best for both of us."

But, as we have just seen, many of the men who said they preferred the bottom said this was because they thought the woman preferred the top - rather than any strong personal physical preference to be on the bottom:
    "My wife prefers me on top, primarily I think for psychological reasons. But I prefer the bottom, partly because I like to watch her move, and partly because I have read that most women get great physical pleasure from the top due to the greater amount of control of the angel of penetration afforded. Generally we switch off, taking turns on top."
    "Frankly, I prefer to be on my back with the woman on top. That way she can be the judge of how much  (or rather how little) she wants to be penetrated."

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