My Lady-gasm Blogging Rabbit Hole

You probably don't know enough about my blogging process, and I know you deeply crave that kind of knowledge about me. I'm here today to provide that. You see, the last few months have been kinda crazy for me in my non blogging life, and I have a shit-ton of  backed up blog ideas I want to get to. They all exist in little fragmented sentences, each in their own new, unfinished, unpublished Blogger posts. Instead of getting to the ones I really want to do, I seem to always search for the easiest, least time consuming one so I can get something up before I go past my self-imposed limit of 4 days between posts. I've had some that I've been excited about, but the ones I'm really itching to do just take too long right now.

Probably what me and Tina look like when I blog

The ones I really want to do are usually summaries of lady-gasm related journal articles. If I didn't have a day job, those bitches would be all I did. I would eat lots of cheese and crackers and drink lots of random non-calorie soda type things, and I'd write about all the articles! But I do have a day job, and they take a long time, so I need a couple ready-to-go posts in my arsenal before I begin so that I have things to post during the week or so while I'm working on it. I'll get there again, soon I'm hoping.

Actually, I have about 3 journal article summaries half written, but here's a little about me. I get kinda obsessy about them. I start summarizing the intro, and the thing about the intro is that it's the place where all these bold, sometimes shady assertions get put, and they always have citations, but sometimes I'm all like - are the assertions made here really backed up by that citation? And then I have to go read the article that was cited and it has wild assertions that are cited in another paper, and I have to read that, and I get into a time-sucking rabbit hole. It's fun and I like doing it, but sometimes I can't find the articles I want for a while, and that's all not very helpful when I'm trying to get a summary done. Anyway, that's why I have about 3 half done - 'cause I got in a rabbit hole with all of them. I've now gotten most of the cited articles I wanted to read though, so hopefully I'll get them done soon.

So that's me. Honestly, after you read these articles for a while, you start to get to the point where you've read a lot of the cited article or are at least familiar with the author and their work in general. It's actually a fairly small world in lady-gasm research.

That's my rambling post about my blogging and my journal article summaries. Later Skaters.

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