Memes About Lady-Gasms...

I've been busy with my actual paying job, so I'm just posting a bunch of lady-gasm memes. Why? I mean, why not? I have like a hundred post I wanna write right now, but no time, my friends. Here are your memes in 3 catagories.

1  Memes about people not believing in the female orgasm. I'd like to point out that there is no genre of joke out there about people not believing in the male orgasm. Why? Because we as a cultural have a realistic understanding of how to make men orgasm and a strong sense that men deserve and want them. None of those things are true for women, so saying that female orgasm doesn't exist can actually be kinda funny because there is some feeling of truth to that idea. People our grandparents age could have heard a legit medical professional argue such an idea. I mean, we're not even 3 generations off from a time when women's bodies were so misunderstood that we thought a woman's uterus would fall out if she ran too much. We joke because we don't really know what to think of lady-gasms and we're still confused in very real ways.  But all the confusion is manufactured. It's not because women physically can't orgasm as quickly easily, or reliably as men - we can. Female bodies don't have some lesser or more complicated capacity for orgasm - that's some made up shit that stems from women's lesser ability to orgasm during 1 particular sex act - the one used for reproduction that also happens to be highly orgasmic for men.

2 Memes about Female Orgasms being complicated. So this is just sorta another aspect of the above issue where perceptions about women's biological ability to orgasm is somehow deeply and invisibly linked to a woman's ability to orgasm from intercourse. Ladies' vaginal canals aren't their orgasm makers, so rubbing a penis in them is terrible for making orgasms, but women have a clitoral glans on the outside of their lady junk that is their orgasm maker, and it works as good as a penis. Yet, somehow that gets lost in our education, sex advice, media, and well, even  our jokes....and it seems like women's orgasms are complicated not because they are actually complicated, but because for some godawful reason we try to make women orgasm in ways that doesn't actually make women orgasm and then blame it on the intrinsic female ability to orgasm instead of the technique.

3 A meme about the clit causing orgasm. I just found this one on my initial google search, but it's wierd, and I think that's Marnie from Girls for some reason, but it's also on point, so I thought I'd post it. Anyway. Clits. Cliteracy. rub a clit get a lady-gasm. Clit. Clit. Clitoris. Clit. I'm done. We just don't see the word as much as we see 'vagina', and I like my clit way better than my vagina, so I'm just giving it some well-deserved props.

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