Meet Gregory Partlow (An AnC Movies Aside)

I'll be posting today from the movie-making portion of this blog. You see, we here at AnC Movies made Science, Sex and the Ladies (SSL), but we also do other things too. Well, to be completely honest, we were pretty much bogged the hell down with SSL for many a year, so we haven't been doing as much as we like, but we're getting back into the whole making-and-promoting-something-other-than-SSL thing. We're working on a longer project now, but we want to stay busy and make some creative work, so we're experimenting with some short projects. Most recently, we've whipped up - The Unboxening. It's a little web series we shot around Christmas. We'll be posting a new episode up every 2 weeks HERE.

It's a strange parody of unboxing videos, and if you were like me about a year ago, and you don't really know what unboxing videos are, ask your kids because kids love the hell out of toy unboxings...but I believe it started with tech stuff - and ya know- is still incredibly popular for tech stuff. Basically it's a video of stuff being taken out of the packaging it was bought or mailed in. PEOPLE. LOVE. THAT. SHIT.

Anyway, if you tend towards weird and dry, you might enjoy meeting Gregory Partlow on his Unboxening adventures. Here's his first 2 episodes.

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