The Clitoris Festival!!!!!

It seems a little town in Spain holds a festival for some green leafy vegetable called grelo - which happens to be a kinda old-timey slang for clitoris in Portuguese. I think you see where this is going. When they advertised their festival they had written it in Galician, which is, I believe, a Spanish dialect and "one of the official languages of the northern Spanish region." But, as you might expect, Google Translate got confused a bit with the dialect, translating from Spanish to English. It's Google Translate after all. One thing led to another, some surmise that the Portuguese meaning got picked out, and wam bam, it became the Clitoris Festival. Here's the article I got my info from.

I actually can't find anything about when this festival actually takes place because all the articles seem to be just re-writes of one original article. None of the ones I found link to the original post, and I'm too lazy to investigate it really at all. Anyway, most of the hub-ub about it was in early November of 2015, so I'm assuming it was around then. It's no big deal, I guess, but I just wanted to tell you all when it was in case you wanted to check off that life-long dream of going to a clitoris festival.

Honestly, a clit festival would be pretty cool. Sophia Wallace's Clit Rodeo would be there (and obviously, The 100 Natural Laws of Cliteracy would be hanging up everywhere. Maybe even a contest for Laws of Cliteracy knowledge - kinda like a weird spelling bee or something.)

Clit Rodeo by artists Sophia Wallace and Kenneth Thomas - Photo found at Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/28/cliteracy_n_3823983.html
We could do a film festival. I'd have to program my movie Science, Sex and the Ladies, because if you had a drinking game for it where you drank on the word clit - you'd be fucked up. There could also be a heavily juried collection of top-notch porn clips - ones that ONLY involved pleasuring the clit TO ORGASM. None of that tickle the clit for a sec and then jam it in bullshit. In fact, if we could just get a series of ladies getting ate the hell out while eating ice cream and watching movies, that would be fantastic. Or while eating giant vats of popcorn at an actual movie theater. Whatever - as long as she is doing something she likes and not paying much attention to the person pleasuring her to orgasm. I just think we need more of that kind of thing - you know to balance things out.

Science, Sex and The Ladies from AnC Movies on Vimeo.

We could also have people making some of those vulva cupcakes - like a vulva cupcake eating contest, a vulva cupcake decorating booth, a vulva cupcake contest where they are judged on both looks and taste.

It might be fun to have a 5K with people dressed in vulva costumes where their face is the clit.

Also, a amateur photo contest where people take pictures of things out in the world that look like clits, vulva and clit combos, or even like the full inner/outer clit situation. It’s up to the artist’s interpretation. Anyway, this whole clit festival was all just a misunderstanding, but maybe, just maybe, a clit festival is the right thing to do.


  1. Maybe hell lets make a real one happen omg...film s screening a must. Love the porn idea, should make some of that it's what women want to see. Maybe a place to make some clit art?

    1. This is becoming more and more intriguing, but how exactly does one go about making a festival happen???