Guess what? Today is a very special day. It is the beginning of Directed by Women, a two week global party to enjoy and celebrate film made by the ladies! Get your friends, get your co-workers, curl up with a favorite pet, attend a party - whatever you got to do, but by golly, by George, watch a movie directed by a woman! You got 2 weeks.

I really like this concept. It's like a million times more accessible than just a film festival, and it's got this fun, light-hearted, community feel that makes it easy to be part of. All you need to do is watch and/or talk. It's as easy as picking a lady-directed movie and sitting on a couch with your nasty pajamas and some microwave popcorn to watch it. It's even as easy as mentioning it to a co-worker. If you want to get real wild, tweet, facebook, instagram, or what-have-you about it (#DirectedByWomen), or invite a few friends over to your house to watch. You don't even have to cook. Make it a pitch-in. Get even crazier and write a blog, set up a small community event for a showing, attend a showing, or tweet out pics of your Directed By Women celebration. There could be nothing easier, really, and you get so see great film! If you are unsure what movies are directed by women check it HERE, or Google that shit, I mean, come on, it ain't that hard. I was also glad to see the catalyst for this was another Hoosier - that's right, there is more than corn in Indiana. Barbara Ann O'Leary from Bloomington (you can read more about her and the concept HERE), got this rolling, and I tip my hat to her.

So, why do I care, you ask. Well, I am a woman director (that's just a cheap plug for Science, Sex and the Ladies), but also this event is about female voices in our media, about a perspective from the ladies being an equal and valued part of the cultural conversation. That's what this blog and our movie is all about. We focus particularly on only one aspect of that female perspective, the one surrounding orgasm, but none the less it, like all the other parts of the female perspective, needs to be heard, and it's not going to happen unless we get more women creating and shaping the things that entertain and inform us.

So, in honor of Directed By Women, I will be posting every day till it's over. They may be short little posts, but I will make sure I get off my ass and do at least that because I think this is important.

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