Frank Schaeffer - Orgasm Equality Champ, With A Little Religious Flair!

What I love is when other people see Science, Sex and the Ladies, or this blog and do something interesting with that experience. It's fun and exciting to see the movie and this topic from other people's perspectives, to see people take this topic and make it personal. I guess part of it is that I've been living with this topic in my head for so long. I see the causes and implications of this large misunderstanding about female orgasm poking their heads out in all parts of our culture, and it seems so important and clear to me. However, also for so long I've looked around and seen that nobody else seems to give a shit. Even though there have clearly been people along the 10 years I've been doing this who do care a lot, it just starts to feel like it's a never ending uphill battle to make people care, ya know. It feels like people refuse to really look at the situation, and it gets frustrating sometimes. So, my point is, it is awesome when someone seems to get the point and gets passionate. It's even more fun when they are passionate in a way that's different from me. It means that other people are really thinking about this, and it really means something to them, personally. So that's what happened recently when a writer named Frank Schaeffer who saw an article about the movie, watched the movie, and then wrote an article called, "If God Created Women to Make Babies Why Does the Female Orgasm Have Nothing to do With Procreation?"

To be completely honest, I don't really think about a god much at all, and so I don't think of what god has to do with this whole ladygasm topic really either. However, plenty of people do, and I'm clearly not the one to write about it, so it's fantastic that someone took up that challenge. Thanks Frank, you are this weeks Orgasm Equality Champ, and I recommend everyone check out his article.
Here's a little tidbit from Mr. Frank Shaeffer to tide you over till you go read for yourself.
The clitoris is outside the vaginal canal. So if God made us, or if we evolved by chance, either way the lesson is the same: Female sexuality is about pleasure. 
Men have to orgasm to make a baby. No orgasm, no sperm going into the right place. Not so with women.


  1. I must admit that I find these blogs both interesting and amusing.

    I don't spend too much time thinking about or discussing orgasms. Some things have a way of taking care of themselves.

    Even more rarely do I talk about orgasms and God at the same time. Your comments about God in relation to orgasms got me thinking.

    Since God is a spirit and has no body, I think it's safe to say God never had an orgasm.

    Can you imagine that? How awful to have endured an eternity without an orgasm and to have to look forward to another eternity without one!

    This probably explains why God is so damn grouchy and is outraged when we have an orgasm that He considers "out of bounds."

    1. Well, ya know, I never quite thought of it in that way. I guess I hope that any gods out there, just like any people out there, do actually have the opportunity to experience an orgasm, and if they don't, I hope they don't take it out on other people ;)....but thanks for that fun little perspective to start out my afternoon.