My ol' friend Levi posted this thing on my FB page a couple month ago, and for some terrible reason I didn't see it until this weekend. It's sad because what he posted is a fun, and weird, and vulva related video, and I'm like way into all those things.

Basically it's a little 1 minute video made for Swedish kids that has a penis and a vulva - just some some good old fashioned cartoon anatomy learnin'. I found a translation HERE that I'm posting below. It's not like official or anything. It's just some shit I found on the internet, but you can run it through Google Translate if you feel you need to to check its accuracy.

You'll notice that it says in one part "Pee pee through the penis or the vagina (I think it's actually not vagina but a child-like word for girl parts) if you're a girl." Of course I would prefer a more clear description of boy and girl parts to be used for kids - something like the 3 and 1 description - Boys have 1 organ for pleasure, peeing, and reproduction. Girls have a clitoris for pleasure, the pee-hole for peeing, and the vagina for reproduction. I just think that girl parts too often get lumped together too much and in a way that it seems like the only important part down there is the hole (which a lot of people think pee comes out of as well as babies.) However, I'm not going to poo-poo on a well-meaning children's cartoon about genitals. I mean, come on, we need more age-appropriate sex education for the young folk, and some is better than the pretty much none we have now.

Go Go Snoppen och Snippan!

Popi-dopp-pop snippedi snopp!
Här kommer snoppen i full galopp.
Han som inga brallor har dinglar med
snoppen och rumpan bar.
Snippan är häftig, ja det kan du tro.
Till och med på en gammal tant
snippan sitter där så elegant.

Så olika med nästan samma grej
Kissa kiss igenom snoppen eller snippan om man är tjej.

Snoppen och snippan vilket härligt gäng
Snippan och snoppen sjunger vår refräng
Snoppen och snippan finns på vår kropp

Hänger och slänger på en liten kropp
Snippan är häftig, Baby I Love You.

Popi-dopp-pop snippedi snopp (jibberish)
Here comes the penis in full speed
He who wears no pants
dangles with the penis and ass free
Snippe-dipp-dipp-snippedi-do! (more jibberish)
The vagina is awesome, you better believe it
Even on an old aunt
the vagina sits there so elegant

So different, but almost the same thing
Pee pee through the penis, or the vagina if you’re a girl.

The penis and the vagina, what a lovely gang
The penis and the vagina sings our chorus
The penis and the vagina is on our body

Hanging there on a small body
The vagina is awesome, baby I love you

*Update - I just realized the video has the translation too, but it's still nice to see it all written out below too.

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