CATGASM and Other Things

Okay, so I'm in Brazil now, and I'm not ready to write a proper blog right now so this will be a bit of a quick hodge-podge, so here goes.

1. 50 Shades of Grey is opening tonight, and clearly, that needs to be SSL Reviewed. I mean if it's anything like the book, there will be more lady-gasms had in ridiculously unrealistic ways than you can shake a stick at. However, I don't know when it's coming to Brazil, and if I can see a non-Portuguese dubbed version. Luckily, Barnaby, one of we three directors of SSL, offered to watch it tonight and write a guest SSL Review of it - so look forward to that.

2. I got to Brazil, worked one day, and then Carnival started. Well, it's this upcoming Tuesday, but it kinda goes from tomorrow (Saturday) thru Tuesday. My work is closed until Thursday. So, that's pretty awesome. Now I get to go to some beach near Rio with a co-worker to her parent's cabin for 4 days to chill and watch an old-school folk-style Carnival Parade (no topless ladies with giant feather headdresses). Anyway, I'm pretty into it, and that's why this blog post is so short.

3. Sometimes I just Google something that might be relevant to this blog to see if there's something out there on the internets that I might want to write about. Well, in that spirit I Googled "catgasm" that's right, "catgasm." Guess what? I found an awesome Tumblr title none other than CATGASM. There are lots of cute pictures of cats, and you should probably look at it. http://catgasm.tumblr.com/ 

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