Santa Paws, Brazil, and The Right Kind of Lust

So, I'm leaving for Brazil today. I'll be there for a few months as part of my non-orgasm related day job. Please don't worry about my cats. They don't have to move. Some people are coming to stay with them, and they'll be just fine. You can worry about me, though, if you want. I am trying to get a lot of shit done before I go, and it seems to never end. Right now I'm wearing a "Santa Paws" Christmas nightgown/sweatshirt type of thing because all my clothes worth wearing are packed. It's not that I wouldn't wear ol' Santa Paws. I do wear it. Ask my nieces and nephews. They see it every year at our Christmas sleep overs. It's just that it's not Christmas. I'll be honest. I bought Santa Paws at a Goodwill on my way to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, and I straight won the ugly sweater contest with it, bitches. You'd think I have more sense than to continue wearing it, but you'd be wrong. I quickly fell in love with the warmth, and cat-in-a-stocking-surrounded-by-holly cuteness. I wear it all the time - at Christmas, but it's not Christmas. It's Brazil time, and that's why Santa Paws is here.

That brings me back to my point. I'm busy, and so I'm just going to post a treat of a video. Those who know and love Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! will probably get the most enjoyment out of it, but it's pretty good none the less.

Let me just say it's called "In Lust," and it's really just a dude doing something and then this girl comes into the shot and starts running at him. He drops everything immediately and literally, and as she jumps into his arms, he brings her up to his shoulder, crotch to face, and starts spinning. She raises her arms up like she praying to the gods, and then it all happens again in another place. It's a beautiful kind of lady-crotch-to-face lust, and I like it.

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