Randome Hite Report #11

Ola! (I'm trying to learn some Portuguese because I'll be travelling to Brazil for work from time to time - Ola means hello. As you can see, I'm pretty much fluent). Today you get more RANDOM HITE REPORT! As you may or may not know, this is where I take one random page, and one page only, out of this super important book from the 70's, and transcribe it for you here on the blog. This book is women answering detailed questions about their sex lives, masturbation practices, orgasms, and all that good stuff. It's incredibly interesting and insightful - and every woman should read it because it's just as relevant and revolutionary as it was when it came out in the mid 70's. Here ya go..

 The following is from the section "Types of Masturbation" under the subsection "Type 1A" which describes the style reported by the vast majority of women, and "basically it means lying on your back and stimulating your clitoral area with your hand (or a vibrator)."

Pg. 83 The Hite Report Dell. 1976.

and use 'dirty words' and by the way, I have just turned myself on by writing this."
    "Oddly enough, even though I'm right handed in most things, I always masturbate with my left hand. I lie on my right side and use my left hand from underneath me, the second and third fingers stroking my clitoris up and down the shaft.Usually, I use a little vaseline to lubricate it. With my right hand, I gently press down on my lower abdomen. sometimes I cross my left leg over my right leg and press down as I feel the orgasm is coming. I move about a bit-sort of wriggling. I would like to use a vibrator, but I haven't had the chance yet."
    "Sometimes I dress in erotic outfits and view myself in the mirror. Usually I smoke a cigarette and put on make-up. If there is time, I lubricate my breasts and genitals with oil or cream. I prefer looking in the mirror rather than directly at myself. Usually I begin playing with my breasts, rubbing my thighs together, then concentrating on orgasm, using the fingers on my right hand in a circular motion on my clitoris. I start with my legs apart, but enjoy having them together during orgasm, squeezing the muscles. At that point, I can't move very much."
    "I use only one hand and mainly run up and down. Does anyone answer these questions so frankly? I feel a little wanton, but I feel you must be true or else, why try to understand yourself? My legs are apart and I touch only my clitoris."
    "I just start right in rubbing my clitoris. I used to touch my breast and stomach, but it seemed redundant. Now I just rub my clitoris, and generally admire the qualities of me!"
    "I masturbate by manipulating my clitoris in a side to side massaging maneuver, starting gently and increasing in intensity of pressure. I use my finger (one hand). The motion is slightly circular combined with side to side, mainly. The other hand is manipulating the nipple of the left breast (the larger and more sensitive one). Legs are apart. I don't move much, in terms of body movement, until orgasm, when there is a raising of the buttock..."

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