Proxy - The SSL Review

We were chillin' this Labor day weekend, and decided to watch a little Indy indie movie. We saw this director's (Zack Parker) prior movie Scalene after Charlie met the director briefly at the local Indiana Filmmakers Network event, and so when we saw his new one on Netflix, we cued that shit up - cause why go outside on Labor Day, am I right?

Anyway, the movie is called Proxy. It's a thriller with strange-o plot twists, and wouldn't ya know it? There was a scene that was SSL reviewable (favorably), and so here we are. This should be pretty quick, actually. The SSL Review only pertains to depictions or discussion of female masturbation or sexual release. Nothing else matters.

Turns out some lady sneaks a peak on another lady masturbating. It's not some freaky, voyeuristic sexual stuff or anything. Neither lady should have been where she was, and they intersected - simple as that. There was no orgasm at the end of the masturbation. She stopped before it could happen. From the context of the situation, I assume it was because she was upset/sad/angry and just couldn't get her mind right. I'm happy to say, though, that the motions she was using were realistic and clit-centric, which is all I ask. It's not much, really. I mean if women by and large masturbate by stimulating their clitoral/vulva area, then by golly, that's how it should be mostly portrayed in our media (The Hite Report is a great resource for stats about how women masturbate). In this particular situation, the woman was on her back, legs spread and using her hand in a circular motion (a bit roughly for my taste) on her vulva area. There was no silliness with vaginal canal stimulation/penetration types of pornish masturbation or anything - just your simple clit jigglin'.

Oh - and there was also a scene where a woman is banged P-in-V style, standing up, from behind. There was clearly no stimulation happening to the vulva/clit area, not from his nor her hands and not from anything else. There was certainly a penis in that vagina, but the clit was out there on its own, with nothing to stimulate that poor little glans of nerve endings into an orgasm. Unfortunately, in porn and romance novels and definitely movies and TV too, that scenario of PinV banging, minus clit stimulation,  is one that is often depicted as eliciting a lady-gasm, but not in Proxy, I'm happy to say.

There may have been other more character based reasons that she was shown to look disinterested and very non orgasmic in this sex scene, but I'd like to think it's also because her organ of sexual pleasure was not being stimulated and there would simply be no sensible reason to depict her coming. Now, I know this scene was not strictly a depiction of sexual release, but I think it's important to include it in the SSL Review anyway. I make the rules here, people, and I think realistic depiction of not orgasming during a sexual act need to be pointed out also.

So, I'm going to give this one 4 out of 5 vulvas. It's a good rating. There was realistic masturbation movements and a realistic depiction of not orgasming from getting banged. Yay Hoosiers! And Yay Richmond (cause you're an Indiana town and your streets are in this movie)!

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