Random Hite Report #8

Hello! Today you get more RANDOM HITE REPORT! As you may or may not know, this is where I take one random page, and one page only, out of this super important book from the 70's, and transcribe it for you here on the blog. This book is women answering detailed questions about their sex and love lives, and it's incredibly interesting and insightful. Here ya go..

 The following is from the section "Feelings About Sex and Intercourse" in the chapter called "Sexual Slavery" This begins with some of the answers to the question "Do you like vaginal penetration/intercourse? Physically? Psychologically? Why?"

Pg. 425 The Hite Report Dell. 1976.
   "I love the intimacy of it because for those minutes the man is totally mine and I am loved, happy, fulfilled, high---and sometimes adored."
   "The greatest pleasure in sex is simply feeling very special and very close with someone. The greatest displeasure is anxiety about the relationship."
   "I like intercourse because it is a time when I get his undivided attention, and feel very loved and secure."
   "Intercourse shows my husband wants and loves me."
   "The greatest thing is the security I feel when I'm in bed with a man. I feel loved and wanted and powerful."
   "Yes, during intercourse I feel a sense of Euphoria-I am successful, competent, beautiful!"
   "I feel that when he's inside me, I really 'have' him as opposed to always wondering if he cares or what/who he's thinking about." 
Similarly, answers to "Is sex important to you? What does it mean to you, and what part does it play in your life?" contained references to the reassurance sex gives about the over-all emotional relationship. 
  "Our sex life together is important because it makes me feel secure and wanted, and proves he loves me."
 "Sex is to please him. What I like is the feeling of security I get when he hold me tight after. It makes me feel accepted and attractive."
   "Sex makes me feel I am a woman to my husband instead of a live in maid."
   "I get self-confidence because my husband desires me."
   "Sex is the biggest part in a relationship with a man. If he doesn't want me, I feel something must be wrong with our relationship."
   "It reassures me I'm desirable, gives me a deeper bond to a relationship."
   "My entire marriage revolves around making love to my husband. It makes me feel loved and wanted."
   "It keeps me close and affectionate with my husband, and gives me a feeling of security."
   "Maybe I like it because when I have sex the other...

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