Random Male Hite Report #4

It's time for another edition of random Hite Report: Male Edition. As you know, this is where I flip to a random page in the 1981 Hite Report on Male Sexuality by Shere Hite and simply copy that one page and that one page only into this blog. There are more of these randoms from both the male and female reports HERE.

The following are answers to the question, "Do you think your genitals are beautiful? Do you think your penis is a good size?" These particular answers fall under a section prefaced by:

Most men, in answering this question, wished over and over again that their penis could be just a little larger
Now for your randome page.

p. 391
 The Hite Report on Male Sexuality by Shere Hite

Alfred A. Knoff. NY. 1981

   "Always felt my penis was too small. Ashamed of it."
    "There's always the sneak look to compare sizes. I usually lose. Mine are too small for my liking. But that's part of my general feeling of sexual inadequacy now. When I was 'performing well' they seemed about right."
    "I do not think my penis is beautiful. It sure can shrink to a very short stub. Extended, I believe my penis is medium length but quite thin. Maybe it is long, but it is not what I call powerful. I've seen some powerful penises."
    "I think it is a good size when I'm by myself, but in the presence of other men I feel self conscious as if they all have huge cocks. It is as if I am underdeveloped. Intellectually, I know I am good looking and have average secondary sex characteristics. Emotionally, I feel I am a boy in a world of men."
    "I am small-bone and nonmuscular, therefore I am lucky my dick is as big as it is. When I undress at the gym, it is almost non-existent. Otherwise, 3 inches when flaccid. There's got to be a psychological hang-up about my body and dick."
    "My penis is smaller than average. When nude, if cold it shrivels to an inch or less as it is nearly all erectile tissue. When warm and flaccid it is perhaps as long as 3 inches and 2 1/2 inches in circumference. On erection and full tumescence it is about 5 3/4 inches long and about 4 1/2 inches in circumference. Strictly bad news in the locker-room derby and a source of continuous embarrassment to this day, though now I know that mine works all the time and some of the locker room jocks are impotent!”
    “Sometimes, lately, these past two or three years, I sort of wistfully wish that my penis, at least when erected, were larger or longer in length. To tell the truth, that way I could suck myself off. Isn’t that terrible.”
    “I love the way male genitals look. Although mine are smaller than I’d like.”
    “I feel easily threatened by other men if they are big and muscular or have good body hair (a lot of it, whereas I have poor beard growth and a bald chest). Men with large penises make me feel threatened and inferior. It makes me think that a big cock must work better, and that’s what women really want because even if they don’t say it or admit it, I imagine that a woman with a man is in his company because he has a big cock and can protect her. This is my own paranoia concerning what penises look like.”
    “I think my penis is really beautiful, all of them are. Mine is too small though.”
    “I’m O.K., my balls are not as big as I wish they were.”
    “Well, I suppose everyone wants to be tremendous, so I guess a little larger wouldn’t hurt.”
    “I like the way my genitals look, but like most men (I suppose) I sometimes wish my penis were longer. (It’s average in length, although thicker, I think, than average).”
    “Men check out other men’s penis size and length by glancing in the showers, toilets, clothes, etc. It’s part of being male to check what the other fellow has and see where you stand.”
    “I haven’t thought about my penis being beautiful, but don’t think it’s ugly. It is soft and smooth and in good working order. My grandmother who gave me a bath on occasion when I was a small boy said it looked like a rose, so I guess she thought it was beautiful. Naturally, I think it it too small, but I don’t fret over…

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