Ladies, Urban Dictionary Hates the Binner...or just me...Anyway, Help the Binner!

Okay, so I submitted the word "Binner" - you know, the inner boner or lady boner - to Urban Dictionary back in August. In my premature excitement I wrote about it HERE. Well, they rejected it. I thought it was a little ridiculous, but I had included a sentence that said the word was first used in a promotional video for the movie "Science, Sex, and the Ladies." To my knowledge that is a true statement, but maybe the UD editors thought I was just trying to use the definition as some kind of promotion, so I took that part out and resubmitted the following definition.

Binner: The inner erection of the clitoris that females get when aroused; the inner boner.

The part of the clitoris, the clitoral glans, that is seen on the outside of the body is only one piece of the clit, and it's got all the nerve endings. However, the rest of the clit extends down into the body and is made of erectile tissue. This part of the clitoris fills with as much blood as a penis does when males get erections, so it can be thought of as the inner boner or the "binner."

I got such a binner watching those smokin' hot dudes playing beach volleyball.
I can't really think right now because my raging binner's sucked all the blood from my brain.
 REJECTED - again. At this point, I'm feeling like this is a bunch of bullshit and that maybe the editors are 12 year old boys who think I'm making up this thing called a "clit," so I went to the UD feedback area (because I guess I have nothing better to do) and asked why it was rejected. See my email below.

I submitted a definition for the word "binner" that seems to me to be a completely legitimate and yet unnamed description of the increase of blood females get during arousal in the inner part of their clitoris - the "inner boner." I and many people I know use the word. It was rejected on my first try - and I assumed that the problem was that I included the following line in my definition "First used in a Thanksgiving video to promote the movie Science, Sex, and the Ladies." To my knowledge that is true, although I can see how it may seem like the definition was just created as a promotion. So, I took that part out and resubmitted. It was refused within a couple hours.
Honestly, I am only really pursuing this because as I was thinking about it, it bothered me that there are so many entries in UD that are about boners and jizz and sluts and pretty gross/painful/mean sexual acts done to women. Yet, one simple definition that accurately describes sexual arousal in women is rejected? I feel like just for balance sake it should be included.
Anyway, given the definitions that already exist in UD, I can't see why "binner" was rejected, and I'd love to hear more about that decision. Here is what was submitted......Thanks for reading my long email, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Trisha

So, about 2 weeks later I received the following generic email:
Hi ,

Volunteer Urban Dictionary editors read every suggested definition and decide whether it should be published. They don't tell us exactly why a definition is published or rejected, but maybe they didn't understand the definition or didn't think it was entertaining. If you want to become an Urban Dictionary editor, you can go to this page: http://www.urbandictionary.com/editor.php

Seriously, it seems like Urban Dictionary will take about any definition you throw at it - just look around that place. Also, the page they suggest you go to to be an editor is actually just a quiz, but whatever. And you know what? My binner definition was plenty entertaining. I might actually be right about the editors being 12 year old boys. What is important now though is that I am obsessed with getting Binner into Urban Dictionary, and I need your help! (cause they don't seem to like me.)

Anyone and everyone should go and submit Binner to Urban Dictionary. Feel free to also go submit other kinda feminist shit like "letting your lips flap"

Then, tell me what you have done and I will go upvote it...and try to make other people do it too.

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