Cuttin The Movie To The Bone, Ya'll!

Were you wondering how we here at AnC spent our 4th of July? I thought you might have been, so I'll tell you. We were cuttin' at the movie like those scissors in old Kroger commercials cut at coupons (thank Barney for that visual). Did it hurt? Yeah - it hurt sometimes. There were a couple things I wish we could keep, but you gotta let things go when they need to go, am I right? There were other cuts that seemed like a divine being shining through a hole in clouds. There were angels singing and shit. I liked doing those cuts. We lost some little awkward moments in the acting or the writing or transitions that I'd been hating for years, and when it suddenly seemed obvious how to get rid of them - like I said - angels and shit.

An excerpt from our Edit Decision List
Now we have, to this point, edited out all kinds of things from this movie. We did it in the writing stage, in the adaption to a screenplay stage, in the original edit, in the 2nd and 3rd edits. However, as Charlie pointed out, we never have cut anything that really hurt, and so it seemed like we weren't quite finished. Well, we did some painful cutting this time. Now, we weren't just willy nilly. We tried and debated each little snip. Some we were all down with from the git-go. Some we had to convince each other about. Although sometimes one of us goes into a cut or decides against a cut more reluctantly than the others, we do always come to a consensus, and honestly there wasn't a lot of bloodshed. It felt pretty good actually. I don't think the movie lost any of the info or style that we're passionate about it in, but it's more concise and less awkward. It's also about 7 minutes shorter.

Meeting notes:  
1 We ate a lot of Twizzlers, small bags of chips and drank many cans of soda/sodapop/pop/coke - whatever you want to call them. It was all leftovers from our last test screening.  
2 Also, we took a break to watch So You Think You Can Dance the first day of edits. That is the most baddest ass of shows, by the way. It's not some bullshit dancing like in Dancing with the Stars. This is insane top tier dancers doing sweet choreography, and it's not a snarky show. It's just fun entertainment, and it will make you feel like you are badly unfit and need to go pump some iron.  
3 I had been eating a lot of peanut butter, and that took its toll occasionally on the aroma of the room.  
4 We all enjoyed some hateful language towards each other. I feel Barnaby and Charlie's creative combo act involving some old kung fu movie style dubbing of harshness towards me was the most memorable.
5 We enjoyed Culver's one night and a summer home cooked meal of chicken breast, corn on the cob and strawberries another night.  
6 After we finished on the 4th of July, we saw The Heat, and it was pretty funny ya'll.

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