Funny Masturbation Meme-ish Things For A Saturday

Hey there ya'll. It's Sarurday. It's National Masturbation Month (SSL obsevered). I'm feeling lazy. Masturbation (particularly female) is an important ingredient in the the main cause of this blog - Orgasm Equality. I like when things are funny.

All this leads to the obvious conclusion that I should post a bunch of funny(ish) meme-y type pictures that have to do with masturbation. So here goes.

(Also, did you know they call it "fapping" in England? I didn't until I started reading pro-sex Reddit communities that had a bunch of English people in them. I kinda don't like the word. It sounds like someone is tucking really hard on a limp dick, but whatever - it's here to stay I think.)

Why, that's how I'd describe it too Sponge Bob!

I'm a righty only.

My cat's do love watching me masturbate. That's a fact.

Come on people, use good ergonomic technique! Get a wrist stabilizer if you need to.


It's true. You can hear your mother walking to her car after a PTA meeting from 7 miles away.

I guess Spider Man is British

Bad Luck Brian can never catch a break

If you must

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