Cosmo SSL Review: Jan 2013 #4: The Corkscrew is Lame

This is my 4th SSL review from the January 2013 Cosmopolitan Magazine, and my 3rd for the article within called "Rebound Sex, The Right Way." by Casey Gueren. This one focuses on the "The Rebound Move To Master" blurb. Why don't I just let you read it.
If you haven't tried The Corkscrew yet, now's the time to break it out. It's a move that makes female orgasm especially easy - perfect for when you're craving a big bang of a comeback.
This twist on woman-on-top puts you in the drivers seat and stimulates both your G-spot and clitoris says Cynthia Gentry, author of What Women Really Want in Bed. After foreplay has you truly aroused, confidently push him back on the bed and straddle him. Lower yourself onto his penis slowly, and as you're moving down, lean forward and move your hips in a circular motion as you descend. When he's all the way inside you, and your pelvis is pressed against his, grind forward and back several times to create pressure and friction on your clitoris. Then slowly spiral back up, and repeat, building the tension until you're ready to reach orgasm.

I like to put things in perspective by thinking about equivalent advice for men. Imagine sex advice to men telling them about a great move, let's call it the The Backhammer, that stimulated both his "g-spot and his penis" so that it's extra easy for him to orgasm! After some foreplay gets him nice and hard, then start moving a dildo slowly in and out of his ass. Eeach time the dildo move in, he gets a couple rubs on his dick!

Let me break this down. Okay, yes, penis rubbing is a sensible and easy way to elicit orgasm, but a sex move that involves a cycle of penis stimulation followed by no penis stimulation while stimulating his g-spot would not really be described as a move that makes male orgasm particularly easy. Some way of creating steady penis stimulation with movement controlled by him would be a move that "made male orgasm particularly easy" (such as most cases of intercourse). At best The Backhammer is a spicy, slow-burn move; good for trying out g-spot stimulation (which may or may not be pleasurable, might elicit ejaculation, but certainly wouldn't elicit orgasm) and also for spacing out penile stimulation to maybe make the arousal process last longer. That's all well and good, but it's not an easy way for a man to orgasm any more that The Corkscrew is an easy way for a women to orgasm.

The Corkscrew is similar to what I just described for a man. It is mainly vaginal intercourse with some clitoral stimulation, but only on the down strokes. First off, I call bullshit on the insinuation that this move "stimulates the G-spot" in some kind of particularly orgasmic way. It's just intercourse. It's about as likely to stimulate the g-spot in an orgasm producing way as any intercourse you have ever had in your life, and how has that worked out in the past? As I've discussed before (and please check out my explanation in this link if you are skeptical of my assertions about orgasm and the G-spot), G-spot stimulation does not elicit orgasm in men or in women. It could elicit ejaculation, but just penis in vagina sex isn't really great for that. If it were an easy way to elicit ejaculation, most women would have experienced ejaculation just from sex at least once in their life, and most have not - even with all the p in v going on out there. If you want to ejaculate, most experts would tell you to have someone stimulate the G-spot with a finger inside the vagina moving in a "come hither" fashion. A penis doesn't often move that way, and I would bet a lot of money that The Corkscrew isn't a move any expert would recommend for some sweet G-spot action. So, as far as the the whole G-spot part of the Corkscrew - it's utterly ridiculous.

Now, don't even get me started on the lack of interest in the thing that needs to be stimulated to elicit orgasm in women. The clitoral stimulation in this move isn't steady, which is really silly in a sex move that's supposed to make female orgasm especially easy. Sure, I appreciate that there is any clit stim mentioned at all in this move, since that's not always the case in these kinds of advice blurbs, but why-oh-why only on the down stroke. This isn't advice for a sex move that helps slow down the road to orgasm by stopping and starting the most important stimulation.

Let me just tell you what I would have advised for a get-yours-and-get-out round of rebound sex, which is what this article focused on.  "Hey ladies, jump on top, and then when ya get him in, hold him still (which I believe is an important and often overlooked step to rubbing off on a dude during intercourse) and grind your clit on him however feels good, and do it steadily until you come." Granted, this might not be the easiest way for some women to orgasm. Some are certainly more used to a hand or a vibrator, and so I would also add in the advice that goes something like this; "Get in a position that's comfortable for you to masturbate, then allow him to enter you in a way that allows you to move freely enough to masturbate how you normally would; making it clear he shouldn't jostle, move, block or otherwise bother you in ways that will obstruct your masturbating. Then masturbate to orgasm." It's that easy ladies. We really don't need these stupid, useless, complicated, weird sex moves to get orgasms during intercourse. If you want to try some of them out just to add some more complications, athleticism, style, or interest to your bedroom endeavors, more power to you, but this kind of crap should never be touted as moves that give women orgasms easily. It heavily reinforces the idea that intercourse, in and of itself, should give women orgasms and it, well, it just doesn't.

On that note, I'd also just like to point out that I stuck to a discussion of orgasm while having intercourse because that was what this article (and frankly most articles you'd ever read) focused on, but in general I'm of the mind that non intercourse activities should be the main course of much more sexual encounters in a world where female orgasm is truly valued and understood. In fact, if it were me writing the "Rebound Moves To Master" blurb. I would have advocated for mutual masturbation! (Cause it's hella-sexy and good for lady-gasms - see my further explanation here)

So I see this "Rebound Moves To Master" blurb as terrible advice, but it does acknowledge that clits exist, and it does include clit stimulation as part of the intercourse move - even though it seems to only include it as a special extra, not as the actual stimulation that will, if anything does, lead to the orgasm. So, I give it 1 vulva, but no more.

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