Cosmo SSL Review: Jan 2013 #2: At Least They Say Clit!

K, here's my 2nd Cosmo SSL review. As you might recall, I'm slowly SSL reviewing the discussions of orgasm in the Cosmo I bought around Christmas time. My first review is HERE. This review is from the article "Rebound Sex, The Right Way" by Casey Gueren. As you may suspect, it's about how to not, well, not get fucked over in your rebound sex endeavor. As is the nature of magazine articles, there are separate but related side snippets and stuff. I'm breaking my critique up into different posts. Next I will (more negatively) review the "Rebound Move to Master" and touch on the rebound sex poll results. For now though, I will just talk about the main article, and it's not so bad really.

Tthere are 2 points where the author says clit. Both times, to my delight, the involvement of the clit is correlated to an enjoyable sexual encounter. In the intro section, she says:
The pressure is on, your emotions are raw, and the sex can end up being a drunken mess with some guy who didn't even attempt to find your clitoris. But it doesn't have to be this way.
Later, when discussing how to find a suitable partner, the author says this:
Little gestures, like offering you his seat at the bar, asking if you're warm enough after someone opens the door, or picking up your jacket when it falls off the chair, let you know that he'll be just as eager to please (read: not only find your clitoris, but spend 20 minutes learning how to work it just right) later on.
I have to give props because the author insinuates that the clitoris is the pleasure center without insinuating (as so many advice pieces do) that the vagina is as important a pleasure center. I will, however, sadly point out that one might assume from reading this article that the responsibility for working the clit lies solely with the dude.

Yes, I get that men seem to get the better end of the one night stand deal, since we have so much more useful knowledge about how to work their ding dong than they have about how to ring our little knobby bell. So, yes, it would be nice to hope for finding a dude that is adept at clitoral figurin,' but the truth is, you'll probably be disappointed. Too many previous lovers faked for his misguided moves; he'll think he can fuck an orgasm out of you like they do in porn; and if you try to touch yourself, he'll think he's failing and try harder at whatever non orgasmic thing he's doing to you. Honestly, if this is just a one night stand, and you don't need to work on teaching him for future reference, it's probably just easier to tell him you want to rub yourself off, (because it's a fantasy of yours) and then do it, do it till you come like the lady you are. Plus, this whole article is promoting the idea of taking control of the rebound sex. So in my opinion that means taking control of your orgasm too. I mean, ladies, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

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