SNL With Channing Tatum And Some More on Magic Mike

I wrote a SSL review (honorary SSL Review - that is) for Magic Mike HERE, and then soon after I came across another review of Magic Mike. It's on the SPARK blog. (SPARK's a pretty cool organization that, among other things, uses girls themselves to work towards a culture where girls feel empowered to create their own personal, unique, and positive sexuality - and fights media that works against that goal.) I actually did an interview with the director of SPARK a Movement a while back. Check it HERE.

Anyway, I thought the blog had some interesting stuff to say; stuff that wasn't fully addressed in the blog I wrote. I recommend you check it out HERE. The blogger is Jamie Martina, who is working on a documentary about the life and opinions of exotic dancers in the Pittsburgh area, which sounds pretty cool.

On another note, here's just a fun little thing for your viewing pleasure. I figured it's Channing Tatum doing a SNL bit relating to Magic Mike, so it relates, right? Enjoy.

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