One Orgasm Equality Movement Mama I Love

How should sex change? At a minimum, both women and men should get the stimulation they need for orgasm. Since women can easily orgasm via their own clitoral-area stimulation during masturbation, the same stimulation (usually by the hand or mouth of the partner) should become an equally important high point to intercourse and penetration in a new version of sex. -Shere Hite 2008
I was searching around on the web and found an article (from which this quote is taken) I hadn't seen before by the one and only Shere Hite. Now, those who read my blog will know that I am a little obsessed with contacting this illusive woman, so let me know if she's your neighbor or something. Anyway, from my internet stalking it seems like she was kind of active as far as interviews and articles around 2008ish, and that's when this one was written. I tried to comment on it, but I guess it's too old cause it gave me an error that said comments were closed for that article.

Oh Ms. Hite, I will talk with you one day. Yes I will. I will ask you dumb questions that I'll immediately regret right like "What have you been up to the last 4 years?" or "What would you most like to be remembered for?" but I'll also ask things I'm seriously curious about like "describe in detail how you personally believe the g-spot plays into female sexual functioning?" and "what came together for you to decide that the original
Hite survey needed to happen, and when did the points you made in that book become clear to you?" I'll likely say the questions in a weird way, so you'll take them just a little wrong, and I'll become really awkward and even harder to understand when I try to correct myself. It'll be worth it though, cause I'm so happy you threw yourself so strongly into the birth of the Orgasm Equality Movement (which is what I've decided to call this thing I'm trying to carry on in this ol' crazy modern world).

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