7 Reasons Mutual Masturbation is Hot

I’ve deemed myself a Mutual Masturbation advocate in a previous post, so now I’m gonna lay out my reasons why it’s awesome. (p.s. I'm still looking for sexy words or phrases to use for mutual masturbation besides MM - cause that's not really sexy)

1. My number 1 reason, of course, is that it’s good for the lady-gasms. We’ve established numerous times here that intercourse is not likely to induce orgasm in a woman. Yet, intercourse is the most obvious, common, not-weird-at-all way to engage in sexual activities with another person. So, basically, the most obvious, common, not-weird-at-all way to engage in sexual activity with another person rarely includes a female orgasm. Ridiculous.

The very nature of MM, however, dictates that both partners actively seek their own orgasm. As long as a lady has masturbated before, and thus knows how to make it happen, there’s no reason that both parties can’t end up coming. This is particularly useful, in my humble opinion, for first times with a partner or for one-night stands. A lot of dudes have no idea how to allow a woman the space to pursue or discuss her own pleasure during a sexual interaction – and even more problematic, they don’t even know that this is something they should think about.

So, try MM in a one-night stand, then at least you'll get your rocks (cause let's be real - we women rarely have that luxury during one night stands) and avoid common bad sex issues – stuff like overzealous dudes banging you till your head (and cervix) hurt, bad oral, or his inability to keep an erection while navigating condom use (the problem being not in his erection loss, but his utter inability to move past it and continue enjoying the situation). Plus, it might allow the couple to learn about each other’s style, so the next sexual encounter (no matter what it happens to be) can be even better. 

2. It's crazy hot to not touch someone. The situation in MM is that you are getting each other really aroused by touching, kissing, looking, but you’re not touching each other’s junk, but I assure you, that’s all you'll think about while you’re touching your own. That you cannot/are not able to do something make is 100x hotter and super binner-ific (binner – the inner boner or lady boner – you might say. See HERE for further explanation).

3. Another awesome thing is that it can bring back all that intense wantonness of the teenage years. Since MM sorta flips the script, you won’t be going down the well-worn “kiss – then undress - then fuck” road. That means there can be more creativity, which can bring dirty, sexy little surprises. Also, chances are there will be a bit more sensual leisureliness, which could elicit a slow, super hot build-up (and eventually a fantastic release.)

4. Frankly, my masturbating friends, you know your own junk. You know what you like and how to get there, and orgasms from masturbation can be some of the most intense. In fact, Masters and Johnson, in the foundational studies for Human Sexual Response found that the most intense orgasms recorded for women were the ones from masturbation.

 5. MM is just a plain good scene, people. Watching a person get increasingly aroused and then seeing them come is hot. It’s messy and uninhibited, and I’m way into it.

6. If you’re into talking dirty, this is your thing. If I’m already aroused, hearing or saying nasty things pretty much drives me loopy, and I doubt I’m the only one. With MM, you’re not doing the same-ol’ same-ol’ so it forces you to be…creative. You just have to arouse each other with your intensity, your words, your touches (as long as it’s not on the junk), and anything else you can create.

7. It’s a good addition to an old couple’s rep. It works when you are pregnant, have certain sicknesses or disabilities. It’s a good choice when you are all stinky sweating with stank breath, but you’re still horny. And, for the singles, it’s a good way to weed out incompatible partners pretty quick, if you ask me.

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