Ladies of Hassenpfeffer - LIKDIT!!!

Poppy, Betty, and Lilly - A Hassenpfeffer Photo
Another installment of LIKDIT!!! (Ladies I Know Doing Interesting Things!) The only problem I see with this series is that I just know too many awesome ladies. It's hard to choose who's next sometimes, but I guess I just have to choose one and keep the rest for later. So...this LIKDIT! is for the Ladies of Hassenpfeffer; Poppy Staccato, Lilly Lou, Eleanor Stackhouse, and Alabaster Betty.

These women are part of the house show at White Rabbit Cabaret in Fountain Square here in Indy. The  Hassenpfeffer house show also includes The Muncie Brothers, a funny duo of....mimes?, dirty clowns?...(I'm not sure what to call them, but they sort of MC, and one talks and one doesn't), and a lovely belly dancer called Aaminah. However, I'm focusing on the 4 ladies up top because they are the ones telling the twisted little Hassenpfeffer stories through dance up there on the stage.

I know I'm not going to say this in any sort of accurate knowledgeable-about-dance-technique-or-history sort of way, but here goes. The Hassenpfeffer show is kind of set up in cabaret style where the MCs interact a bit with the dancers, and there's a loose (and kind of dark) story line. The dance numbers are a mix of cabaret, burlesque, and straight up contemporary dance. What I really love about these ladies is that they aren't just putting on some corsets and trying out some moves cause there's a burlesque craze out there. There's some real technical skill in this group and the choreography (all done by the ladies themselves) usually has a unique quality with really great character performance from the dancers. Plus, the costumes are always fantastic and often unexpected.

I highly recommend you check out one of these shows. Lucky for you there is a Hassenpfeffer show this Saturday, July 28th (that's 2012 - for you readers from the future). Doors open at 8. Show starts at 10, and it's 10 well spent dollars. Also don't bring kids, cause this venue is a classy ass bar.

Now, I also have to say that I have extra love for these ladies because some of them have alter egos that you might just see in my movie (Science Sex and the Ladies - of course), and one of the alter egos may even own that classy ass bar. Thanks for being awesome and doing interesting things, ladies!

Eleanor Stackhouse - A Hassenpfeffer Photo

Lilly Lou - A Hassenpfeffer Photo

Alabaster Betty  - A Hassenpfeffer Photo
Poppy Staccato with the Muncie Brothers -A Hassenpfeffer Photo

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