Saturday Betty Dodson Erotic Art Special!

We're smack dab in the middle of my Betty Dodson series here on this blog. The first installment went up Thursday, and the next will be up Monday, but I'm trying to put up something fun for you all on most Saturdays now too. So, I thought - why not just post up some of Betty Dodson's art? She has a gallery on her site DodsonandRoss.com, so I just picked out some of the ones that I enjoyed. They span from the 60's to the early 2000's.

First...the dudes. I love a male nude.

Male Nude. 1967. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/male-nude
Reclining Male Nude. 1969. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/nude-portrait-romy
Brando & Bernando. 1973. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/brando-bernando-3

This next one is one of her illustrations from her book Sex For One: The Joy of Self Loving. What's better than 1 hot dude? 2 hot dudes of course! Holla if ya feel me ladies!

Two Men Sharing Masturbation. 1986. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/two-men-sharing-masturbation

Here are some from her Love Picture Exhibition in 1968 (the first one woman erotic art exhibition).

Egg Shape Lovers. 1968. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/egg-shape-lovers

Oral Sex. 1968.

The Kiss. 1968 http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/kiss-0

This I just thought was pretty hot.
The Kiss 2. 1960's. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/kiss-2

How about some masturbating ladies, ya'll!
Heidi. 1970's.

Vibrating Nude. 1973.


VIBRATORS UNDER PILLOWS! This was a classic recommended manuever from Dodson's BodySex classes. This is another of her illustrations from her book Sex For One: The Joy of Self Loving

Pillow Fuck. 1986. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/pillow-fuck-0

How's about a little touching of thy-self while doin' it? Absolutely!...and thank you, Betty, for drawing it!

Clit Stim During Intercourse II. 1973. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/clit-stim-during-intercourse-ii

These are just some that I thought were, well, they're just fun, and remember that Betty was in her 70's when she made these I believe. I think all of these are actually available for purchase too. Just click the associated link. Unfortunately the ones above are not yet. 

Cowgirl With Bong. 1972. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/cowgirl-bong

Betty's Porn 2. 2007. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/bettys-porn-2

Betty's Porn 1. 2007.


Betty's Porn 9. 2007. http://dodsonandross.com/fineart/bettys-porn-9

Last, but in no way least, here is this picture. I love it on so many levels, I can't even really speak of it any further. I want to dedicate this last pic to McKenzington. Yes, McKenzington, I know it is creepy to dedicate this to you, but I'm doing it anyway, and I don't even know if you read my blog or if you'll ever read this.

Woman with Cat. 1962.

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