Why no 3-D Clits?

So Charlie and Barnaby have been looking for 3-D lady parts for our movie. One of our possible solutions for finishing up our most anatomical heavy scene is to find then buy a pre-made 3-D model. We - okay really Charlie - would then have to texture it and rig it (make it so it can move to our liking).

Unfortunately, as they were looking through items labeled "sexual" or "reproduction" and other like terms, they couldn't find any that included the inner parts of the clitoris. Some had the ol' nub chillin' on the outer parts, but none had the Starfleet looking part of the clit inside. We kinda need the whole deal to do what we want to do, so it's a little frustrating, and kinda weird. Probably this lack is due to the creator's choice or need to keep the pelvic space uncluttered, and since I assume no one who wants a medically accurate reproductive structure cares about clit innards - it was the first to go. The bladder was missing in some also, and we need that too, but there was sometimes an option to add the bladder in. The full clitoral structure is not completely forgotten in the 3-D modeling world though. It is sometimes available on its own as a singular structure.

Don't worry about this hardship though. We have other stylistic options for this scene, and Charlie was just discussing the possibility of cramming together the singular clitoral structure with the other parts, but that's just crazy, off the cuff talk at this point.

I don't think there's anything deep to be taken from this except that maybe this is a reminder of how the clitoris is an afterthought...in anatomy, in sexual education, and (this part is deep) in our sexual culture.

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