I Love My Blood Filled Softcups

This is true. I love my Softcups. Bear with me for this post, because it doesn't have to do with anything related much to Science Sex and the Ladies or female sexual response. Instead (this is funny to those who know that Softcups used to be called Insteads) this is about a menstrual product that I love. I've been using these - I think since about 1999 - maybe a little later, but not much. It's been a long love affair. For a while they got kinda hard to find. There were times I couldn't find them at CVS, and I'm pretty sure Walmart doesn't carry them. I felt like Elaine from Seinfeld hoarding The Sponge (was my February Menstruation really Instead worthy?).
Just recently the name change happened, and I think they have a whole new marketing strategy now. I just want them to stay in business, so I thought I'd share this beautiful knowledge. It's a cup. It catches your menstrual blood. You can officially keep it in for 12 hours (I keep it in for a solid 24 hours baby!). You can have intercourse with it comfortably (honestly it sometimes slows down the self lubing a bit - not a big deal but just so you know). These are the disposable kind (there are washable things like this out there but I don't know much about them). In all honesty you will probably get some blood on your finger when you pull it out during a heavy flow, but the convenience, comfort, and reliable blood catching is well worth it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amPXaswKxyk  Check out the video tutorial. BTW - that this hasn't caught on like wild fire might say a lot about how weirded out women are about touching their own junk (and yes I will continue to call it junk cause I have a strange love for the term. I'll tell my children that mommy has girl junk and daddy has boy junk - how can you not like the ring of that?)


  1. I highly recommend the Diva Cup. It puts your sex life on a brief hiatus, but it's made of medical grade silicone and one $30 cup can last you several years.


  2. Thanks Jessica! I might just have to try those out.