April 16th cast party at White Rabbit Cabaret

Last year we shot our first scene with Miss Samantha Borowicz on April 17th. So in a way it's fitting that our cast party is almost a year to the day of our first shoot. We originally thought it would happen in September, then February, and for a while now we've been thinking mid April. Now we actually have a date, and I'm super excited because we have a deadline and this is gonna happen. I assume the cast is excited because it's been a long time since we wrapped shooting. They're a wonderful and patient bunch though (on and off set), so they never complained (to me at least).

I'm also excited because it will be at White Rabbit Cabaret which just opened up in Fountain Square. In fact it's so new, it hasn't even had its grand opening yet - that will be coming soon. One of our fantastic dancers from the movie (dancing excellently to our opening number "Shitty Perspective"), Debra Silveus, is one of the owners of the White Rabbit Cabaret. I went to check it out and talk about the cast party this past Thursday, and I have to say that I was really impressed. It looks really nice in there. The stage is huge with great lighting. The place has great decorating touches like fantastic antique couches for your sitting pleasure. It's just really cool. I also was able to see a sneak peak of their house show this past Saturday. Debra and 3 other dancers (one, Heidi Keller Phillips, who also happens to be a cast member/dancer/choreographer in our movie) performed some sweet ass stuff. By stuff I mean dances that are contemporary with burlesque and cabaret influence (maybe that's not the exact correct description, but it's the best I can do with almost no dance background). They each had a variety of great cabaret outfits, pseudo names, and individual stage personas. Loved it. They looked great, danced great, and I had a great time. I suggest you head down there for a show on or after their grand opening.

Anyway, point being on Friday, April 16th at White Rabbit Cabaret, we're going to have a kick ass cast party where we are showing select scenes from the movie, and we can't wait. Invites are going out this week.

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