Some tidbits

Well, we got our grant in the mail and it only cost us one all nighter. We pushed through and got a very rough cut of about 20 minutes of footage together. We did polish up a few minutes though and I thought I would share a couple screen grabs of that footage. The keys are pulling pretty well and it's actually going a bit faster than Charlie expected.

So now you can see the look we're going for. The background has a sort of stagey feel. The floor and the background are distinct, more like a stage with a backdrop, but just a little more. The background looks like a backdrop and not like a photo real environment. There's going to be camera movement and everything else added soon and hopefully I'll be able to get a few clips up here for you to see.



We've got pics and posts coming but we have been rushing forward for a grant deadline this Tuesday. We'll have some pics and some first looks at a few "finished" shots very soon!