Sound, Schedule and Women's Pro Football

It's fun to have a big huge warehouse to shoot in, but it's less fun figuring out how to record good sound in a big huge warehouse. Charlie's been on the search for absorbing and deflecting materials to deaden those wild sound waves. Quite a few blankets, ceiling tiles, various forms of insulation, and strangely placed walls later, Charlie and Barnaby feel pretty good about what they've built. With the sound preparations pretty much figured out, the first sets built, and the costumes steamed and hung neatly on hangers, we should be ready for our first shoots this weekend....

The schedule is ready and up on a wiki. If you are reading this and you are a cast member in this movie, please remember to give us a yea or nay on all your scheduled days. Having this schedule done and actor approved will be like a sweet, sweet back massage for Trisha.

One of our super awesome cast is a member of The Indiana Speed, Indiananpolis' own Women's Pro Football Team, and their opening game is this Saturday the 18th at Broad Ripple High School football field. Since we didn't scheduled a shoot for this day, it would be a good time to go see this hard working team and support one of our SSL cast. Here's an article that was just written about the Indiana Speed in case you want to learn more.

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