Free Thinking Feminists Love SSL!

Okay, maybe the title of this post is overstating. The Indianapolis Free Thinking Feminist Group watched Science, Sex, and the Ladies, and some of them said they loved it. So, you know, maybe they were just being nice, and maybe some of them hated it and haven't told me, which is cool and polite and all that.

Seriously though, SSL showed at the lovely Garfield Park Arts Center last night, and there was lots of food and drink and laughs and a really nice discussion that made its way out into the parking lot, but was broken up because mosquito are evil...and work in the morning and all that. My point is, I thought it was a really fun showing, and I think I'll be hearing more from the group as different people have time to kinda ponder it a bit.

This is a group of really thoughtful, fun, interesting and curious men and women, so I put a lot of value into their thoughts. I'll keep you posted as I hear more from them.

Also, we were right next to the "bear tunnel" which led from the old Indianapolis zoo to a little room about 10 feet over where the bears used to hibernate. I didn't know this was a thing that existed.

Also, Rice Krispy Treats are kick ass.

Also, so are cheese balls.

Also, there is a way to arrange seats where everyone can see, and it might not be what you expect.

Also - unicorns, man.

Indy Free Thinking Feminists watching Science, Sex and the Ladies

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