Random Hite Report #7

Hello! Today you get more RANDOM HITE REPORT! As you may or may not know, this is where I take one random page and one page only out of this super important book from the 70's, and transcribe it for you here on the blog. It's women answering detailed questions about their sex and love lives, and it's incredibly interesting and insightful. Here ya go.. 

The following is from the section "Orgasm" in the chapter called "Women Who Never Orgasm." These answers are from questions that ask for detailed description of how the women masturbate, including things like the position of their legs.

Pg. 211 The Hite Report Dell. 1976.

There were some woman who never orgasmsed but did masturbate, though not to orgasm.    
"I enjoy masturbation while I'm doing it, but afterward I feel bad about it. I can't get over the things my parents taught me about masturbation being bad. I used to do it once or twice a month, but I've only done it once since I got married. I've come closest to having an orgasm when I was masturbating, but I've never had one. It's more intense when I'm alone because I'd be too embarrassed to do it with anyone else around, including my husband. I've seen my husband masturbating, but he doesn't know it."
    "I get started by playing with my breasts. When I've gotten myself started, I begin playing with my clitoris, but I keep playing with my breasts too. I stick my finger into my vagina and move it back and forth like a penis would go. At the same time I use my thumb to press and rub around my clitoris. I have to press or rub real hard to get much of a feeling in my clitoris. My legs are apart, and I don't move much. I lie there quietly and enjoy it, even though I never have orgasmed yet."
    "I have rubbed my clitoral area with my forefinger, starting slow then faster. I usually quit before orgasm from loneliness, slight discomfort, some fatigue and boredom. My legs apart and sitting."
    "When I am undressed, I enjoy just feeling my body. On rare occasions I become aroused enough by feeling my body that I masturbate. When I masturbate, I continue to feel my body in general, but I concentrate on my breasts. I feel them, stroke them, massage them, etc. When I get more aroused, I concentrate on my nipples, and I tickle them with the tips of my fingers. I continue to feel my body in general too, but I do not concentrate on doing that the way I do to my breasts. It never leads to orgasm, of course, since I never have, nor ever expect  to have, orgasms."
    "I don't enjoy masturbating, and never have reached orgasm when doing it. Every six months to a year or so, I will rather idly try it, but usually abandon the effort after a few minutes."

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