Random Male Hite Report #1

Okay, I've been doing a thing called Random Hite Report, but today, I'm going to switch it up a bit. I'm going to use The Hite Report on Male Sexuality instead of the one on female sexuality. I have expressed many times on this blog about how important and worth reading the Female Hite Report is, but I am just as crazy about the one on males. Both of these books, simply ask people detailed, specific questions about their sexual feelings and experiences.  The female one opened one's eyes to the clear misunderstandings we have about the physical part of women's orgasms. The physical part of the male orgasm is not nearly as misunderstood, so the beauty of this book is simply in hearing about how men have experienced and felt about their sexual lives. I think it is an amazing - though fairly long - book, and I'd say it's a must read for anyone with an interest in males or females or sexuality, so I guess everyone.

Anyway - in this series, I just flip to a page and the copy it to the blog. Enjoy.

p. 350 The Hite Report on Male Sexuality by Shere Hite
Alfred A. Knoff. NY. 1981

a variety of ways with increesing rapidity to my partner. It is a mental effort that I put a lot of energy into-success about 90% of the time."
    "I occasionally masturbate to arouse myself prior to sex when I feel unaraoused but want to make myself available for my wife. I also psych myself up for the occassion."
    "During the last years it happened quite often. i try to tighten my penis by rubbing it with my hand."
    "At times when I have trouble getting it upI'll masturbate-discreetly so that my partner is not particularly aware of what i'm doing."

Others say the woman stimualted them:

    "My love is a genious at correcting the situation."
    "Manual stimulation helps. Otherwise, lying close helps. In difficult cases I try to shove it in anyway. My wife learned how to hold it so it can usually be pushed in even soft."

Some stopped to talk about their feelings, or whatever might be bothering them:

    "Sometimes I'm mad or bothered by something, and getting out what's on my mind usually works wonders on stiffening my dick. If I'm angry and say so, it may seem like a contradictions, but right after that, I can feel really loving (now that I've said it) and be dying to screw."
    "I used to feel like my penis was a different part of me-a sort of mechanical thing, not part of me. Now that I have done a lot of thinking and working on myself (maybe not neccesary if it weren't for htis crazy culture we live in), it feels very much a part of me. And I no longer have prolems getting an erection. If I don't get one, I know that it's just not what I want at the time, and I look deeper into my feelings at the moment."
    "If I feel preoccupied, mad at my wife-first I want to tell her why."

Some just decided to remain close:

    "I let being close to my love suffice, which it does admirably."
    "Once or twice I could not get an erection. i felt guilty about getting her aroused and then not being able to satisfy her. But on each occasion I said sincerely, 'I'm sorry,' and each time she said lovingly, 'That's O.K., it doesn't matter.' That kind of understanding made me feel better than a hundred orgasms."

A few other reactions:

    "I most often usually go to sleep."
    "When I have this problem, there is only one solution: a good laugh and don't take it seriously."
    "Grin and bear it."
    "Gnash my teeth."

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