Paragliding and Crisscrossing - Sexy Slang

I've been thinking for a good long time about a slang name for mutual masturbation (two or more people in the same area, working their own naughty bits) and also for simultaneous manual stimulation (two people giving each other hand jobs at the same time). I am a big fan of these; particularly mutual masturbation because it's good for the lady orgasm; it's pregnancy and disease free, and it's super hot. I have a post on its hotness HERE and my vision for the future of Mutual Masturbation HERE.

So, I've been soliciting ideas and such over the last year or so, and I've made a decision. I feel pretty good about it, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Simultaneous Manual Stimulation: I'm going to call this CrissCrossing. If you don't use the word crisscross normally, it means to overlap or intersect or to pass back or forth, through or over. Why Crisscrossing?  It seems like a sort of innocent, young word (I think they call sitting cross legged on the floor "crisscross applesauce" now at a lot of elementary schools). It has a sweetness worthy of the fairly un-risky and trusting nature of the act, but it also brings to mind an entanglement; a disheveled, joined situation. It hold both a playfulness and a messy connection - both of which describe a good sexual encounter.

Mutual Masturbation: I've taken to calling it MM for short over the last year or so since it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Feel free to call it that, but I've decided on Paragliding as the official SSL mutual masturbation slang. Why Paragliding? Well, para is a prefix that can mean beside, next to, or near, so it clearly fits here since we're talking about something done beside, next to, or near another person. Gliding, well, gliding just sounds like masturbation to me. An oiled up hand gliding up and down a hard dick; some lubed fingers gliding across a swollen clit; the cotton crotch of some panties sliding in circles against a slick vulva as hips press against a pillow, a slippery dong slithering in and out of a rolled up towel or a recently bought Fleshlight. I'm telling you, I could go on.

If you ask me, any kind of male or female masturbation is best when it includes some slickness, some gliding. However, I also like the term paragliding because it has an airy freedom to it. It is a sport where a person gets to float through the air, moving at his or her whim. It is also a very mobile and solitary sport. The equipment is light and can all be moved around in a backpack. It's like masturbation; it's freeing, personal,  exciting, empowering, and can go with you anywhere. 

Paragliding and Crisscrossing - what do you think?

***Mere hours after posting this, I'm having 2nd thoughts...Do you think Hand Gliding is a better option than Paragliding??

Picture -Wikipedia Creative commons http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TegelbergParaglider_gobeirne.jpg

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