Celebrating Songs About Laby-bation

Hi there, all! It's the weekend, and I'm not feeling so serious here, so I thought I would simply go for something fun today. As you know, this is a rather pro masturbation blog, and in addition, this blog is keen on particularly championing female masturbation. I mean if we ladies, as a group, are ever going to get to a point where orgasm in a partnered situation comes as naturally to us as it does to men, then we, as a group, need to masturbate more - cause once we realize how easy it is to simply orgasm during masturbation, then we can begin to incorporate that into into the much trickier situation of partnered sex. So, I say we stop feeling so squeamish about it; stop, for those of us who do do it, acting like we don't; and for those of you ladies who haven't tried it out, just start exploring down there. I promise, you'll be glad you started the journey.

On that note - let's celebrate by listening to a couple songs from some fab ladies who were rockin' enough to make songs embracing some ol' jillin' off.

Cindy Lauper is just the coolest, so she goes first. "She Bop." Yes she does indeed Bop. Enjoy.

Next is the classic, "I Touch Myself." It's not so subtle, but why do you need to be, really?

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