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Its Charles filling in for Trish today. I thought I would give you a couple pics of our Happy Hand character from Science Sex and The Ladies. This was one of the final touches we put on the film and if you're a 3d guy or gal please be kind in any remarks about my workflow/work structure here. I've only just learned how to do this and I'm certain everything is a bit of a mess.

We were back and forth on how to achieve the Hand Character for a long time, built lots of mock ups but ended up settling on a 3d version for little things like wiggling fingers and eye blinking. None of us knew how to do  it but we figured it out in the end. The hardest part for me was learning the indiosyncracies of  creating the hair. In my simple mindedness I wanted the character to be a hairy palm - but a cute one- because it is our masturbation mascot. I fooled around with glasses as well (bad eye sight) but the look became more academic or nerdy than cute and I didn't want to create a character that seemed preachy, because our advocacy of Masturbation is a corner stone of the film.

Happy Hand is voiced by the awesome Cathy Hamaker who also named it. I think she was a little worried about being credited as Masturbating Hand - the name we had for it in the script. I can see that.

Here's a screencap of the work in progress. The eyes were a little lazy here.

and a Final render. I was slowly able to optimize the render time from 30 seconds a frame to 3 and considering there are over 6000 frames of Happy in the Movie that adds up.

For all you techies reading this. We created Happy Hand in Cinema 4d exported an image sequence with alpha channel and comped it in After Effects. I exported with no anti aliasing because everything that I render in C4D has to be blurred slightly to match our HVX footage anyway and it gained me 3 seconds of render time. Pretty straight forward.

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