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Welcome to another installment of LIKDIT (Ladies I Know Doing Interesting Things). As always, our lady is someone I actually know, and she is putting herself out there with something interesting. LIKDIT isn't about something related to job or family or normal private life. This is about something creative or philanthropic that these LIKDIT ladies are doing in a more public arena. Check out the whole LIKDIT group here. Ah...there are so many to choose from, but today I decided on Ms. Emma Alyce Weber.

Emma came into our lives as a pre-teen actress. She did a small non-speaking role as a1950's daughter in Science Sex and the Ladies during our principle shooting in Spring of 2009. Just a few months ago we called her back, now a rather talented teen, to do a line in our re-shoot of the movie's ending scene. She was fantastic with the line, professional and easy to direct. We also learned that she's a singer/songwriter with a recently recorded album.

I'll be real honest. I love music, but I'm not a music buff. I'm not one to seek out new music, and I don't usually get into random indie/local/rock bands/musicians. It's just not my cup a' meat, ya know. However, I know the gal, and I thought her gumption to write and record music at this age was pretty cool, so I took a listen. There are 4 songs on her album, all available streaming on her MusicStore site HERE, and you know what? I liked them. I was really pleasantly surprised. I came home and had Charlie listen to 'em too...and then we laid down the 4 bucks and bought the album. It was a good decision. (Here's her iTunes site)

Like I said, I'm not a music buff nor any type of music critic, so I'm not gonna try and convey what her music is similar to or give you a big critique. I'll just tell you what I liked. It has a kind of raw sound which I enjoy, and her lyrics were - I don't know - emotive and unusual, a bit unexpected from a 15 year old. The songs never get repetitive or boring - which is one of my biggest annoyances in music. They make me want to play them again and listen to the lyrics some more.

All I can say is I'm impressed with this young lady. She's doing her thing and doing it well...and at only 15. I guess it's possible she may be 16 now. I'm not sure but either way...Rock on Emma.

She's also a local Indianapolis area gal, and you can hear her live next week at the Earth House Collective on Friday, July 20th at 7pm (that's 2012 - for those of you reading this well in the future). Check the details HERE

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