Hand Gliding, Anyone?

I'm still working on coming up with a good slang word/phrase to be used for mutual masturbation, but it ain't no easy task, not no how! However, I did think about a good phase for lady-bation. Maybe this is already used somewhere, but it's new to me. Hand Gliding. I like it. It sounds nice, and it is a fairly accurate description. Just thought I'd let ya'll know about it in case you need a new way to express your intentions to go "hand gliding" before bed or something.


  1. I love the name Hand Gliding for mutual masturbation. I think its perfect, and fitting. I love masturbation, and I wish I could find a woman or women for mutual masturbation.

    ~Michael Nude is B.E.S.T.!

    1. Thanks Mike! Hand Gliding is pretty nice. Good luck on your search for a fellow lover of masturbation!