Bechdel Test Review - In Honor of Oscars 2012

In honor of the Oscars last night, I thought I would post about the most baseline of tests out there to see how ladies are doing as far as representation in the story lines of movies. It's called the Bechdel Test. Below are the basic rules of the Bechdel Test.

Just think about this test while watching the next few movies you see. I'd like you to also feel free to apply the opposite test. See how often 2 named men talk to each other about something other than a woman. I think it's a good idea to do both, because it points out the glaring differences in male and female roles. For real though, pay attention to stuff like this because people won't make a fuss unless they know it is a problem, and nothing will change unless people make a fuss. I mean, just for the sake of giving poor up and coming actresses something else to play besides "girlfriend" - that shit gets boring, people. If you want to see how many movies make the grade you can go to BetchdelTest.com, and it has ratings for pretty much all movies.

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