Is This Movie Feminist?

Yes it is.
I've talked with more than a few people - friends, family, acquaintances - about the movie who have put that question to me with a skeptical tone when I happen to mention the the F word in our conversation. It always strikes me as a strange question because it seems obvious to me that this movie is feminist. I forget how problematic the word "feminist" is though. I mean, there is, to understate the issue, a stigma associated for many people.
Charlie has been reading Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future, a 2000 book dealing largely with the plight of 3rd wave feminism. Today he made a suggestion, inspired by his reading, about how to approach this question.
We should simply answer that, yes, it is a feminist movie, and if they ask what feminism is, say it's what we're doing.
I like it. Uncluttered and actually about as true an answer as one could put forth.
Check out a relevant excerpt from the book HERE.

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